Meet Dr. Bove

Daniel Bové, DDS

It is wonderful to have the opportunity and privilege to treat patients and their families for years and years. I love earning my patients’ respect and trust through gentle and thorough care. I pride myself in fostering a welcoming and non-intimidating environment where patients feel comfortable and confident in seeking treatment.

As a dentist, I am passionate about using my knowledge and abilities to improve patients’ lives. I love having the ability to alleviate and eradicate dental pain. I love having the ability to restore function. I love being able to enhance smiles. I love teaching patients about their unique oral health

Each interaction and every procedure is designed around the patient’s needs and goals. I am always looking to the future and what will deliver the strongest, healthiest, most natural-looking results. My desire is to ensure all patients are able to enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health and a smile they feel confident in sharing.

Dr. Daniel Bové

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Bové was awarded his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) by the Louisiana School of Dentistry. That rigorous program provided him with an exceptional understanding of the fundamentals of dentistry.

However, dentistry is a learning profession, requiring practitioners to stay current on new techniques, emerging technologies, and changes in diagnostics and treatment planning processes. Dr. Bové takes pride in learning new procedures and techniques in order to refine his skills, increase his knowledge, and better serve his patients.

Since completing dental school, Dr. Bové has sought-out post-graduate continuing education courses. In addition to more generalized topics, he has taken Invisalign® Reingage courses and completed the American Academy of Implant Dentistry Implant Maxi Course.

Personal Life

A native of New Orleans, Dr. Bové, his wife Megan and two kids, Bradley and Addison, now reside in Deer Park.

When he’s not at Marina Bay Dental, Dr. Bové is most often home with his family. He and Megan enjoy occasional getaway trips to various cities around the country. Dr. Bové also loves watching football (Geaux Tigers!) and playing acoustic guitar.

His favorite times, though, are spent with Megan and the children. While he absolutely loves being a dentist, Dr. Bové knows there is no greater honor than being a husband and a father.